Girls dressing too revealing?
Friday, September 27, 2013 - 7:53 am

When did dress codes become obsolete? I was at Canton Central the other day and was appalled at what the school apparently deems appropriate. One girl had on a tube top attached to a mini skirt that showed an open back and sides. Another girl was wearing a strapless dress (I guess spaghetti straps are back on the table of acceptable attire in school). When I was leaving, another girl walked in front of me and the cheek of her bottom would fall out with every step she took. Don’t parents check their kids before they walk out the door anymore? (Oh wait, we have to be their friends. Heaven forbid we demand anything from our children.) What about teaching our children, girls especially, to leave something to the imagination. It’s sad that we have not evolved enough where girls still think they need to use their bodies for attention instead of their brains.