Garbage prices too high
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 9:21 am

This change to the garbage system is outrageous! I have seen just since I began paying for my own garbage the cost of just Potsdam’s garbage system go from $15 for a sheet of stickers to $25 for a sheet. Now we are going to be paying $3 per bag? Are you serious? Where was the town meeting about this? When were we the people of this town consulted? This town has raised taxes on everything, I just read that our county is raising the sales tax to 8 percent, 1 percent higher than the state sales tax, and now Casella is raising garbage prices? Do you have any idea what the average income level is around here? It is $30,000 a year per household. Do you have any idea how many families live below the poverty line? My family does, and I have a college degree and my husband and I both work good jobs. This town runs like everyone living in it are millionaires. We aren’t! Only a handful of people will be able to afford this.