Foreign influence
Friday, December 24, 2010 - 9:45 am

I have a problem with how National Grid operates. I received a disconnect notice on Dec. 14 and actually had a National Grid worker at my home three days later. He handed me a disconnect notice that said that they could shut us off in 72 hours if we didn’t pay our bill. The sad thing is we only owe $204.66. I did pay them what I could this month. So, it isn’t like I gave them nothing. I have a neighbor that owes more than a $1,000 and no one has showed up at his place to disconnect him. I also know of another person whose power wasn’t shut off until he owed more than $900 and hadn’t paid on his bill in six months. So why is it they get to pick and choose who to shut off? This British-owned company gets to do whatever they want to us. What happened to being owned by the U.S.? Didn’t we leave England because they were taxing us to death? Now look at us. All of these foreign companies decide our fate.