Food stamps should be used as needed
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 3:38 pm

To the person who objects to people buying chips and soda on food stamps. I’m sure they didn’t spend all their stamps on treats alone. Did you ever think they pay every cent they have on rent, lights, clothing, toiletries, gas to get to work, soap to clean themselves and clothing, or school supplies for the kids. Maybe they can’t afford to take them to the movies, plays, circus or out to dinner. The few chips and soda they buy might be a treat to take home to enjoy with the family to watch T.V. Give them a break. I’m a senior citizen living on Social Security, which only pays my bills. I get $115 in benefits a month for gas, soap, detergent, Band-Aids, toothpaste, toilet paper, Kleenex and vitamins plus garbage removal, and cat food, which is for my company. If I didn’t get food stamps you might have to help pay for my funeral due to starvation. And I love chocolate and Pepsi while I watch T.V.