Food Stamp use infuriates writer
Monday, May 6, 2013 - 1:25 pm

I am a middle-class working mom on a budget who cuts out coupons to use towards my grocery bill. I do not consider myself uncaring. However, when I go into a local convenience store and see an able-bodied adult couple purchasing their children soda, chips, candy, etc using their ever handy SNAP (food stamp) card it infuriates me. I understand many families need the extra help that the SNAP card provides, but junk food shouldn’t be allowed! The SNAP card should be used to purchase wholesome, nutritious foods like bread, luncheon meat, fruits, and such; NOT expensive junk food from a convenience store. Heck, if they bought generic chips from a grocery store, no big deal. However, brand named junk food at elevated convenience store prices should definitely be off limits. I work too hard for those excepting help from my tax dollars to be subjected to such injustices.