Flu shot hassle
Monday, November 15, 2010 - 12:44 pm

The wife and I drove to Canton yesterday for the free flu shot clinic. What a process. First they scan your license and ask you a couple of questions. Then you are given a number and have a 15-25 minute wait. When your number is called, you go into another room and are asked questions about allergies, etc. No problem with that except the woman asking another person the same questions coughed into her hand, not her elbow. Hmm, why were they showing all those videos about spreading germs while you were waiting for your number to be called and some on who works there doesn’t follow the practice. Anyways, after those questions, you go to another room and stand in line for your shot. Personally, I think that step one and two could be combined and save some time. Other than that, everything went fine.