Flag displays
Monday, June 16, 2014 - 8:25 am

I am pleased that the Village of Potsdam displayed American flags on the parking meters in the downtown area on D-Day, June 6. The faithful flag historian on Outer Main Street displayed, as usual, the Grand Union flag; our first national flag until 1777. The Grand Union flag was the British naval Red Ensign with six white stripes painted, or sewn, on the red field signifying that thirteen colonies were united but were still loyal to the king. This was the flag of ‘The First Salute’ received from a foreign power. But the householders in the village did not do as well. I live on a side street between Leroy Street and Market Street and only three of eighteen houses in my block displayed the American flag and I think this was representative of the entire village. Flag Day is June 14 and then the Fourth of July; I call on all households with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, veterans and village trustees to display the American flag on those days. Displaying the flag every day would be even better. Even a small 12” x 18” flag will do; they cost only a few dollars.