Fixed income
Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 8:51 am

For those who keep hearing about fixed income, but don't really understand it: This year, Social Security gave me a cost of living of 2 percent. My check went from $1715 to $1749 per month, giving me a $34 a month increase. At the same time, they raised my monthly Medicare $24 ($110 to $134), giving me a monthly net increase of $10. This was the first cost-of-living increase in a few years. Already this year my United Healthcare Advantage Premium went up $17 a month; Spectrum Basic TV went up $7 per month and my town & county tax is up $48 or $4 a month. Now, National Grid put in for a rate increase; gas prices have been going up; the other property taxes are sure to go up; groceries will keep going up, etc. Just wanted to tell anyone who thinks what they pay out of their paycheck for S.S and Medicare means a secure retirement are wrong. Plan carefully and save.