Enough already
Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 12:53 pm

In response to “Teachers Are Greedy” (Sound Off, Feb. 23-March 1): I’ve had enough. I’m tired of being bashed for being a teacher. I put myself through college and graduate school (a master’s degree being required to do my job), and it took me over 15 years to pay those loans back. Where did you get the idea that teachers’ loans are forgiven? I now make enough to pay my bills, help my children a little with their college loans, and eat out once in a while. I buy books, supplies, and materials for my classroom. I also contribute to my medical insurance. Although hired as a ten-month employee (not a half year, as you stated), I work without pay for the month of August preparing for the coming school year. I work on the weekends and most evenings because I have little planning time in the school day. I teach special education and have been bitten, sworn at, spit at, had furniture thrown at me, and had my life threatened. I truly love my job but I’m tired of having to defend my profession.