Endless opportunity
Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 8:02 am

As a Hopkinton resident I’d like to thank the people from Parishville, Potsdam, Lawrenceville, Winthrop and any other town who cared about our wellbeing. I’ve been reading all the letters to the editor and a good portion of the authors don’t even live in Hopkinton. I have attended board meetings only to hear residents of other towns express their displeasure in a proposed wind and some have been very rude. The anti’s are using a tactic called fear-mongering…so far it’s been from contaminated wells, house vibrating, property devalued, it could possibly shut Fort Drum down and so on. If wind farms are so dangerous, then why are they growing at a rapid rate in Franklin County, Clinton County and throughout NY? If people from Parishville want to preserve their view or are set on telling Hopkinton how to run our town, then Parishville should have no problem on helping subsidize our taxes. The opportunity our school and town could have with the revenue from this wind farm is endless. It could put the school up-to-date with technology, and open the door to additional programs for children. The town could upgrade the fire station, roads, bridges, and even be in a position to house a full time EMT while keeping our taxes moderate. At the end of the day if you’re not living, or paying taxes in Hopkinton should your opinion have weight? I think not. The residents of Hopkinton who are in support of the wind farm need to email your town council that you’re in favor of the wind farm. Or you can attend the meetings show your support but be prepared to deal with a lot of hostility from residents of surrounding towns. Don’t let the only voice they hear be from non-taxpayers.