Electronic schooling
Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 6:54 am

I believe that there should be brick and mortar schools for grade school children. For the high school students in this day of electronics, their education could be done from home on the computer. Just think how much that could save, with no transportation costs, no building maintenance, no light bill, no heat bill, no teacher salary. The state could send each student the appropriate class instruction to each student on the computer, the student has an email address to send there work to and an electronic teacher they can contact if the student needs further instruction or help. The public should stop thinking in the “Dark Ages.” College students already take courses study this way. If moms and dads think there is still a need for a teacher, the teacher could teach from home and have an electronic classroom with Skype. Doing this would eliminate the need for any school district mergers. Then with no need for high school buildings and associated costs our taxes should decrease. Teaching the students in there own homes would also eliminate another problem of mass shootings, or mass stabbings.