Effects of school merger
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 6:30 am


I hope the merger committee takes into consideration hamlets on the outskirts of a merged district, because living in Morley, I would be 18 miles from the Potsdam school and only eight from the Lisbon school. I would do everything possible to get the district lines redrawn so my child would go to Lisbon. Places like Rensselaer Falls are 22 miles from Potsdam but five miles from Heuvelton. There are places in the Potsdam district that are four miles from Norwood Norfolk but 14 miles from Canton. I could make more examples of kids being much closer to Hermon-DeKalb, Colton, Parishville, and Madrid-Waddington also. If the merger were to go through, I hope people in these areas fight to get district lines redrawn so their kids are not on buses for excessive amounts of time. The merged district would lose a lot of kids this way, which may defeat the purpose of a merger in the first place. I also hope people against the merger vote out their state representatives since they aren’t helping the situation…other than their photo opportunities with school officials.