Drivers responsible for traffic fatalities in North Country
Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 12:20 pm

I wish people would stop blaming the condition and design of US Route 11 for the number of traffic fatalities and personal injury collisions we have had in the area recently.

If vehicle operators would slow down, pay attention to not only what they are doing, but what on-coming traffic is doing as well, the numbers would deminish.

I travel Route 11 daily and often see unsafe acts and unneccessary risk taking.

Most people I encounter on the road are in a big hurry to get nowhere. Often people conduct unsafe passing movements just to turn off the road less than a mile away. How much time do you think you saved yourself?

If law enforcement took stricter actions on cell phone violations, tailgating, speeding, unsafe passing and the plethora of other moving violations that are committed every day, Route 11 would be a lot safer.