Drivers in Potsdam
Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 8:39 am

Is death or a critical injury on Potsdam’s horizon? The way people (especially women) drive is extremely dangerous. Some traffic control would help. A stop sign, wherever you encounter it, requires a complete stop. A stop sign on Leroy Street: Out of six drivers the male stopped and the five women did not. Remember, if you are behind a car at a stop sign, you must stop again when you reach the sign. The speed limit in Potsdam is 30 miles per hour, though you wouldn't know it. Cutting through a parking lot to avoid a traffic signal is against the law: Market Street to the May Road. We have two do not block signs. One at the corner of Grove and Market streets (do not block the driveway), and five times when I was stopped cars passed me. The second is at Market and Elderkin streets (do not block side street).