Downtown driving
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 9:43 am

I am curious why there is no mention of pedestrian, wheelchair, or cyclist safety, efficiency of motion, or safety in the announcement about the possible conversion of one of the major pedestrian intersections in the village of Potsdam. It is difficult and dangerous enough to cross the river in either direction, or to cross the Main/Maple/Market streets with traffic (presumably) at full stop in all directions. Motorists seem to have forgotten the rules of the road and good conduct as it is. Incomplete stops, running lights as they change, shaving corners and crossing the sidewalks, turning across multiple lanes illegally, blocking crosswalks, excessive speed, and texting and phone calls while driving are constant problems now. Considering the cost and disruption involved in such a wonderful new plan, why not hire a full time traffic director and build her/him a small refuge in the center of the intersection on the present island, leaving the lights in place for off hour safety? A law enforcement presence when it is really needed, an economical (and un-flashy, media grabbing extravaganza) alternative which provides us all measure of safety and equality. Oh yeah, the state knows best, and we have lots of money to spend...on cars and commerce.