Downtown dreck
Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 9:21 am

How are downtown eateries in Potsdam going to thrive when they charge such exorbitant prices for what is really food of marginal quality. There seems to be this false paradigm that the college students will happily pay out the nose for the general dreck that is served. However, it seems that the purveyors of these establishments have forgotten that the college campuses have expanded their dining opportunities. There is no draw for students to come into town to eat anymore. When you end up shelling out almost 9 dollars for a bagel-based lunch, there is a serious disconnect with reality. You can't get out of a local sub shop without dropping $10 every time for a decent sized meal. This is ridiculous and hits the people who live here too. You can go grab an excellent meal for much less in other communities. Get with the program Potsdam. No wonder there are so many abandoned storefronts downtown.