Don’t let them divide us
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 6:47 am

In response to “Industrial Wasteland” which appeared in the April 12-18 issue of North Country This Week: perhaps this business is responsible for some of the items you listed, but how about you list some of the good things that this business has provided. Jobs for the area. Donations to the area organizations? They attend and sponsor church suppers, field days, etc. The noise from the machinery from the chip plant is nothing compared to all the traffic on Routes 11B and 72. Motorcycles are the worst. Very few cows anywhere see the outside of the barn; these cows are not there for slaughter. They are housed there for other farmers. And last, this business is not responsible for bringing the wind turbines to the area. So let’s be fair and fight the wind developer together, not the citizens of our town. Strength is in numbers – don’t let them divide us.