Don’t accept bullying
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 8:53 am

Why do we celebrate bullying in this town? We must be, for not standing up to it and not resolving it. What kind of sadistic people run down others with their gossip, thinking it’s their right to free speech? No one will ever know another’s situation to judge it properly -- but that’s not what’s at issue. People bully because they can, it’s about power, and rumors injure! Injuring people satiates them! There’s more than enough work for each of us to do, getting our own lives in order. And there are the people in the middle who say nothing, stand up for nothing, are easily swayed, and get angry at the victims (who are stabbed in the back) for bleeding on the carpet. If you are not standing up to bullying and gossip, you are enabling it. Stop telling the victims to get over it, and instead stop the vile meddling at the source. If you are so obsessed with what people are doing wrong in life, do the decent thing – step in and help them or shut up.