Dogs on the loose
Monday, June 30, 2014 - 6:53 am

My neighbor allows dogs to roam the road and fields, completely out of any required control of a person. They chase and nip animals on the farm, rile up every dog in the neighborhood, kill cats and rabbits, and probably a few things I haven’t seen them do. I did however see the owner calming his animals and chase the dogs away. He had a rifle with him and I have a feeling he would have killed the dogs had they maimed or killed any of his animals. Two dogs running pack-like make for a dangerous situation for animal and human life alike. Not only that, but those dogs are also susceptible to ticks, fleas, rabies and all sorts of things. They wear collars but no visible licenses or rabies tags on them. The next time the dogs out I am calling the sheriff and state police about it.