Dog runs have benefits
Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 7:18 am

If you educate yourself on dog runs in large cities and run a local dog run in the same manner, there should negligible additional cost other than initial set-up and occasional maintenance. Dog runs in public parks are policed by their own. It is the owner’s responsibility to watch their dog and clean up after their dog. The park management provides a receptacle to dispose of the waste, which is emptied along with other park trash receptacles. Many people can’t afford to fence their yard, giving their pet a safe, contained area to run and play. Dog runs give just that, along with letting dogs socialize with other dogs and other people. The owner’s end up socializing as well. Dog owners who treat their dogs to the use of dog runs are generally responsible people who use the runs responsibly. I lived in NYC and took advantage of the many dog runs, which were great. There is no good reason a dog run couldn’t work in a small town like Canton or Potsdam.