Document bullying
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 8:19 am

In response to “Hold Bullies Accountable” which appeared in the Oct. 18-24: If there is the slightest bit of truth to this bullying allegation then it should be closely looked into. Many schools are giving it only lip service and they're most the larger schools. But, whenever a student is not listened to and at least a cursory investigation made, and with a public record of the events of every complaint, without either student's name given to the public until it is decided there is reasonable fear on the part of the bullied for them selves, it has not been dealt with. Schools should report every allegation of bullying or stalking! A record should be maintained permanently and periodically presented to the public in order to know these things are going on and to take action against those who ignore it. This should happen as soon as possible.