DMV customer service
Monday, July 31, 2017 - 6:51 am

Many of us have seen campaigns from the county that encourage us to complete our Department of Motor Vehicle transactions at our local DMV offices. Supposedly by doing so, we are able to keep some of that money at the local level. Born and raised in St. Lawrence County, I completely support this idea. However, it really becomes hard to justify a trip to the DMV (instead of doing things online) when the DMV employees are rude and condescending over simple issues. I don't enjoy being spoken to like I am stupid, and I don't appreciate rude employees who need my business in an age when their jobs can be done via the internet. Instead of putting time and energy into this campaign, perhaps the DMV should be training its employees in customer service. I am not saying that all DMV employees are rude, as I know that's not the case. However, you know the saying about one bad apple ruining the bunch.