Disturbing truth
Friday, March 30, 2012 - 12:16 pm

“Take Education Seriously” (Sound Off, Feb. 29-March 6) For those who want to understand the “War against education” and when it really began, I strongly urge you to read John Gatto Taylor book “ The Underground History of American Education”. It is here you will find the very disturbing truth about why the education system is now so broken, the saddest part of it all are those who so sheepishly fall in line and watch their wallets at all cost with no regard for what your country has done and is doing to education. Wake up people, do you believe or North Country schools operated effectively for the last 40-50 years and now all the sudden it’s time to close them down and get rid of hundreds of teachers? I just hope your children don’t want your children to attend college because many of us who had that option but our children won’t.