Disgusting graffiti at former Potsdam Sugarcreek store
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 4:41 pm

Someone has sprawled disgusting graffiti all over Potsdam village, but the worst offense is some vulgar language on the plywood covering the gas pump at the former Market Street Sugarcreek store. Seems that there should be some way to get that cleaned up -- so I called the village police department a few weeks ago. The officer who answered the call stated that he had noticed the vulgar graffiti. A couple of weeks later, nothing had been done so I called the mayor’s office, leaving a message with his secretary. To date, the vulgar graffiti is still there. Starting to be ashamed to call Potsdam home! One solution -- repaint the plywood, set up a motion detection camera, and try to catch the perp in the act of recreating his art.?