Disagrees that media is insensitive
Friday, March 30, 2012 - 12:39 pm

I disagree with the sound off titled 'Media insenitive to report details of murder' I feel we, as neighbors of the area this took place, deserve to know exactly what happened. This Trimm man is expected to be bailed out before too long, and we need to know what his mind and body is capable of thinking and doing.

Instead of saying they shouldn't brodcast what the conversation was, maybe the reporter could just say something like 'this conversation is very descriptive and could be disturbing to some veiwers.' That way it would give us the choice of whether we wanted to here it or not.

But I, for one, appreciate this info being told. I literally live across the Raquette River from where this happened, and I feel like I have the right to know every piece of information of this case, to protect myself and others around me. Also, if there is a major concern for how the family feels, maybe talk to them first about the fact that it's being brodcasted. You should not expect the news to NOT give us this information, because it's very important for safety of others, again considering he will be at the store 2 minutes from my house when hes out of jail. So, thank you media for reporting this to the community.