Diabetic cat
Friday, December 15, 2017 - 8:07 am

I am looking for help for my cat who is diabetic. I have tried everything. Calling vet to see if they had extra insulin that could give me, the animal shelters to see if they had a way to help me. But they cant cause they don’t have the funding. I even have a Gofundme page going. But I am not getting anywhere with that for donations. I live on a fixed income and have too many bills and not enough money to get more insulin for my cat so I don’t lose her. She is my friend and helps me with my depression. I hoped there was a program to help people out like me who need help to get meds. for their animals. Please help me? Could someone tell me what to do? Or where to go for help? All the vet offices need their payments up front and don’t want to wait for payment.