Defining an age of responsibility
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 10:22 am

New York government is now contemplate preventing adults of ages under 21 from acquiring legal tobacco products for personal use. If restaurant drinks in New York City are deemed to contain to much sugar, restrictions exist at all ages, despite history suggesting that those containing sugar substitutes are likely to be much more harmful. But if a pubescent schoolgirl wishes to shock her endocrine system with an abortifacient, there should be no FDA restrictions on her "access," right? Except Plan B to be free in schools (like condoms) next, or at least mandated in their parent's Obamacare. Youths can vote at age 18 and acquire alcohol at 21, but can still be on their parents' healthcare responsibility through age 26. So, what level of government defines adult rights versus their responsibility for children? Let's zero in on either 18 or 21 and seek some consistency instead of this crazy quilt.