Death of an argument
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 1:22 pm

I feel compelled to offer the author of “D.A. Is Incompetent” (Jan. 5-11) my deepest sympathies, as it seems his intellect has been greatly emasculated (may it rest in peace). There was no real evidence offered against retrying Dennis Oxley. Instead, the author committed an ad hominem fallacy – attacking the person rather than the soundness or evidence of the argument at hand. The author’s poor attempts to put Nicole Duve down (suggesting she resign and sell Avon or Pampered Chef – hmmmm do I detect some sexism here?) is simply a last ditch effort to save a dead argument that can no longer stand on its merits (and in this case none were offered). So if the author is accepting a donation in lieu of flowers for his opinion’s timely death (perhaps to the He Man Woman Haters Club or Emasculated Anonymous), please let us know next week and I will be happy to cut a check – that is right after I cut one to support Duve’s re-election campaign. I, for one, want a DA willing to see the justice system work in the case of murder and brutality in my community. And putting a price ceiling on the life of a human being – in this case a husband and father of two young children left behind -- is a slippery slope I hope we don’t entertain. I am glad Duve is not willing to, either.