Dealing with loss of loved radio station
Tuesday, June 4, 2013 - 4:00 pm

I guess we should never get too comfortable with things we love, since they can be snatched away in a moment. That was my experience as I was driving to work this Friday morning. My old friend 99 Hits was gone without notice. It was replaced by an 80’s music format. I heard that the change by the new owners was because the area had too many country stations. Imagine that, too many country stations in a rural area. 99 Hits was more than country. It was a part of the community with its DJ’s, coverage of local events and excellent sports coverage of high school and college games. It’s Birthday and Anniversary Club, Memorials, Friday Feature Artist, Weather, News, NASCAR and contests kept the community informed and entertained. It was like listening to an old friend who you could trust. I guess Q Country 102.9 will be my new driving partner from now on. I will never forget you 99 Hits.