Deadbeat dads
Friday, December 10, 2010 - 1:06 pm

Custody battles are a fact in many divorce cases! Divorce, sad as it is, especially when children are involved, is made even rougher when it is dragged through the court system. There is so much unfairness! Does anyone ever really win? Divorce happens! What galls me most is when a father can sit in a court of law and lie to a judge and claim he cannot pay, not only his share, but any child support at all. It is not that he cannot pay, he does not want to pay! Why can people sit and lie about having no income or hide their money or quit their job so they do not have to pay the spouse for the care of their children. If you know people like this and do not report them, then you are no better for condoning this type of behavior! Remember, the support will come out of all of our pockets because you are putting his children on the county welfare rolls.