Dangerous driving
Monday, June 2, 2014 - 1:19 pm

What’s more dangerous than a person on a cell phone? An overzealous cop traveling at 100 miles an hour chasing down a dollar for the state and thinking he’s doing a great job. I’d like to know the rate of accidents of law enforcement officers. The mark of a bad law is when it is illegal for you and then you see law enforcement doing the same thing, and they can get away with it. Several years ago, I awoke to screeching tires going around our corner. I looked down the road and there was a state trooper car wrapped around a telephone pole on the wrong side of the road. I wonder what laws he was breaking, speed not reasonable, failure to keep right, distracted driving? One will never know, because that was hushed up and never put in the newspaper. This happened in the summer time, so it wasn’t road conditions and he wasn’t chasing anyone. I wonder if he got fined, reprimanded, had to pay for the wrecked car? The dangers on the roadway are not just John Q. Public.