Cuts will hurt students
Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 1:11 pm

One again, Norwood-Norfolk Central School is looking to put a budget in place for next year that targets just instructional staff with no administration or support staff cuts. They are once again sacrificing what is best for the students and ignoring what the taxpayers have been requesting for years. They are proposing three administrators go from a 12-month to an 11-month position. Will their support staff also go to 11 months? They are trying to justify their cuts in the high school by saying numbers are low, so why are they not cutting administration and support staff or district office staff? Instead they are cutting instructional staff to the students who need it the most. Stop targeting the positions that work directly with our students day in and day out and those that support our students most in need. Listen to the community that you represent and do what is best for all our students.