Cut administrators, too
Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 1:11 pm

As a concerned tax payer and citizen, I find it self-serving on the part of school administrators talking about making cuts to teachers and other staff members to balance budgets, but few, if any cuts in administration.  I read in the paper that Potsdam Central is discussing closing a school, but nothing about eliminating an administrator.  Canton Central is discussing cutting 40-plus positions but not one administrator.  There will be fewer students and fewer teachers but the same number of administrators?  Go figure??  Who makes decisions about cuts -- administration?  What has Canton done to try to cut costs other than by cutting staff?  Some districts have shared services and other cost-saving measures.  Massena and Potsdam have “found” significant amounts of money to add to the budget.  Maybe the other districts should find their “hidden” money.  Many counties in other states have one superintendent for the entire county. St. Lawrence County has 18 serving fewer students and schools.  It’s time for a new administrative model.