Cuomo challenges unions
Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 7:46 am

I find it very interesting that now that teachers are “on the bubble” by Governor Cuomo they are speaking out about his policies. Democrats support unions, or at least they used to. Now Cuomo is calling out the school districts that do not measure up and says that maybe these districts should be closed. Every year the state United Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers endorse Democrats for office. Now these teachers are being measured and taking a stand against Cuomo. Cuomo cares about our children’s future. It’s time that every state employee asked themselves “Am I worth my pay check?” There are many good public sector employees; there are also many who do not measure up but are protected by unions. Cuomo is calling out these employees. If he continues to do so, this is one Republican voter who will vote for him for re-election!