Crummy Halloween
Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 12:31 pm

Normally I stay home and give out candy. I often get between 50-200 trick-or-treaters each year. I live right in the village of Potsdam so there are usually a ton of kids out. This year I was even more excited than usual because my son is now old enough to go trick or treating. However I noticed two things this year. On most streets there would be one lit-up house for every 4 or 5 dark ones. More than a few houses that had their lights on refused to answer their doors and a few who did answer their doors, opened them a crack and slipped the candy quickly into my son’s bag before slamming the door shut without even a Happy Halloween. There also were not that many kids out trick or treating. It seemed almost as if Halloween didn’t happen this year. What happened to the days of taking a pillowcase with you and coming home with it full?