Cow death
Friday, March 17, 2017 - 7:06 am

Move over, Nico Clister, champion of plant-based diets. You have been upstaged by the folks who raise it. I was repulsed to think of anyone leaving a pregnant cow out in a field overnight on Feb. 22 with packs of coyotes clearly hanging out nearby (“Farmer Says Coyotes Killed Cow,” March 8-15). Was there no barn to put that pregnant cow in for the night? Is this considered humane treatment? That vulnerable cow probably had a heart attack and then suffered the worst death imaginable with coyotes eating the calf she was prematurely birthing. They found her dead in the morning and then they left her body there to lure the coyotes back the next night? Where is the sense in that? I have not eaten beef in quite a while and, given that low standard of care for the animals, I think I will vote with my feet and give up beef altogether. I will be healthier and wealthier for it too.