Corrections officer aids car accident victims after roll-over
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 9:29 am

On Friday night our niece and husband were involved in a terrible accident traveling north on route 28 toward Indian Lake when they crossed county lines to find unsanded roads and black ice which resulted in their spin on a curve sending them off the road in a rollover. Their Onstar beeped, but to no avail until a “Good Samaritan” saw their overturned vehicle and stopped. He was a correctional officer from Russel, enroute from his worksite.  He aided them in exiting the overturned vehicle up the snowy enbankment to his vehicle and kept the two passengers and their dear cat in his vehichle where they remained warm until his 911 call brought State Police about one hour later. It did not end there. This kind person drove them to their destination at the foot of a hill in Indian Lake, where they continued on to spend that unforgettable night in their ‘dream home’ and rested their bruised bodies. His act of kindness should not go unnoticed and we are ever so grateful to him.  He is a true ‘saint’ in our eyes.  God bless you Mr. CO for being a “Good Samaritan.”