Consideration for hard work at Potsdam Central?
Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 3:59 pm

Regarding the Potsdam homework policy: What about my kid who busts her butt with studying and doing her homework and plays sports but who does not do well with tests because she freezes up? Is it fair to these kids who are not test-takers to be failing or have low grades because we do not grade homework? If we are going to not grade homework and strictly go on tests, then I think Mr. Brady and the school board should allow all these kids who are not test-takers to take the test orally. My child has always made honor roll until this year. My kid has been depressed this year because she is afraid she is going to land up in summer school for not doing well on her tests, so are we going to take her into consideration? All you people that are for this homework policy, why don’t you hire these kids in another five or six years and see how their attitude towards work will be.


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