Cons for merger
Friday, August 1, 2014 - 6:40 am

The concept of merging and regional high schools in the North Country is being sold as a solution to school district woes. The selling points seem ideal, yet we have heard no negative aspects of the plan. Larger school populations suffer more discipline problems and crime rates, merged schools will mean better chances for kids to slip through the cracks and more time travelling by bus for some students, higher fuel costs, and there is actually less opportunity with mergers: kids will be cut from sports, music and drama. Combining Potsdam and Canton is a band-aid, not a long term solution. Gloom and doom is foretold if merging is not voted for – yet no school in NY State has ever “gone under.” Finally, if this merger happens good luck selling your home – people tend to buy where the high school is located. Vote no on merging.