Colton S-Curve a bigger waste than Route 11 and I-98
Monday, May 14, 2012 - 12:19 pm

I am surprised at the volume of critics that were going back and forth arguing about $6 million in state Department of Transportation funds regarding the Rt 11 vs I-98 spending spree when apparently no one has voiced concern over the waste of just short of $5 million in NYS DOT funds to “straighten out” the S curve south of South Colton on Rt 56.

If you want to see real road construction take a short drive down and look at the sad destruction of the once wooded and hilled terrain in order to build “the road to nowhere” right in our backyard.

I know the one-way road section has been a 3-5 minute slowdown for travelers on the Rt 56 roadway into the Adirondacks, but, really, how much is a few minutes worth?

What about all the other curves inside the Blue Line?

The massive costs and efforts are misdirected in this day and age where so many roads need resurfacing and so many bridges still display age and rust.

Why the big project? Why the big expenditure on such a small section of road that isn’t likely to make a measurable difference?

With all the curves and bad surfaces on the rest of the road, it is like the Biblical imgery of “wasting new cloth sewn on an old worn garment and the hole just gets bigger”.

I suspect the potholes in our roads like on Rt 56 will just continue to get bigger with DOT decisions like this boondoggle.