Colleges important to local economy
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 12:11 pm

This is in reply to “Colleges Should Pay” (May 9-15) For someone who states “When I was a student at Clarkson,” you are very uneducated.

You state “as college kids do, we frequented the pubs and poured money into downtown.”

Do you think you are the only people spending money in town? What about all the people employed by Clarkson and Potsdam State?

Do they spend money in town, buy houses, pay taxes?

These colleges keep many people employed in this area that otherwise wouldn’t have a job.

Your last sentence shows how uneducated you really are. I quote: “ maybe the village should shut off services until they pitch in more.

Why don’t we just shut down both colleges. Then you won’t have to worry about Potsdam because it would not exist.