Charity better when locals benefit
Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 2:04 pm

Last week my wife and I were at our local Dollar Tree. When asked if we would like to donate a school supply to a needy child we answered yes. Today I was in and was again asked the same question, I asked the clerk if the donations were used locally or not. He told me they are in fact shipped to the corporate office and distributed at military bases. I have no problem with this initiative, I think it is a worthy cause, as money is usually tight for military families. However, there is also significant poverty and struggling families in this area that could assuredly benefit from the school supplies. We don’t mind donating to good causes, but feel as if local causes should be our first priority and urge people to ask where the donation is being sent before giving. I urge everyone to help stuff the bus when it is time, as these items stay right here.