Cat safe-house in Massena?
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 7:41 am

In response to “Massena Has a Nuisance Cat Problem,” I am writing to agree with the person who wrote about the cats running around free in Massena. They shouldn’t be running around free. They should have homes or a place where they can be a sanctuary. It would be like the Humane Society, only larger. This way people can leave their pets there and they would be safe and not be running around and getting hurt and having people yelling about having them in their yards. I have tried myself to save many cats, but it’s hard. There are many buildings that are standing abandoned that could be used if fixed up. The reason these cats are running around free is because people dropped them off! That is not right. So if we had a cat sanctuary and the Humane Society the cats would have a good place to live. We could have a telethon to raise money to help us build the sanctuary and keep it going. Hopefully everyone could donate food too.