Casino not a savior for St. Lawrence County; real jobs needed
Friday, June 7, 2013 - 10:06 am

After reading some of the comments on the casino compact the Mohawk Tribe has worked out with the State, one would think most people thought a casino would be the savior of St. Lawrence County. In reality, there would only be short term construction jobs that probably only a few from this area would benefit. Low wage part-time jobs would be the other jobs. NYS would pocket most the money and our so called legislators would probably spend the rest two years before they received it anyway. They should be trying harder to get good regular jobs that some one can actually pay their bills with. Maybe instead of always looking to the tourist, get more of our power to be low-cost, instead some company wanting to take our power and sell it downstate and bring it under Champlain. Maybe get them to keep the power here and offer it as an incentive, not just to Alcoa where we haven't heard anything else about the 800 jobs they are supposed to have coming in. We need business not tourist traps.