Capitalism can fix crisis
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 12:16 pm

In response to, “More Money, More Jobs?” (North Country This Week July 4- 10):  It is easy to cite “studies” statistics when you can actually not cite them in this forum. Is raising the minimum wage a great idea for the masses of people that have not spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to obtain a Liberal education? Perhaps if you actually look at you and your liberal friends and stop blaming the wealthy for our economic problems and take an unbiased look at the state of the nation you would see the following: Liberal policies have created this Great Recession. If you want good high-paying jobs for America, then you and your liberal Unconstitional Government regulations need to stop looking for handouts in the form of permits, license costs, and fees (to take worthless civil services exams etc.) and allow the wealthy income creators to do what they do best:  redistribute wealth through Capitalism. Wake up.