To Canton's mayor: raise my taxes
Thursday, June 17, 2010 - 2:16 pm

Attention Canton mayor: Regarding the reluctance to hire another police officer, please have someone do the math as to how much per day it will cost the taxpayers to hire an additional officer.

Count me in. I’ll gladly pay it.

The village police chief says he needs it. That’s good enough for me. He oversees the department that is more than a third of our whole budget. That should be good enough for you.

This overtime the officers have to work is ludicrous. They protect us from the criminals, they assist us in crisis and much more.

They deal face to face with things most of us just read about in the paper.

They have families, they face burnout, perhaps more than most.

We all know this. But I think we need to be reminded from time to time. So, consider us reminded.

Did I mention? go ahead, raise my taxes.

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