Canton wasting money?
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 3:26 pm

Am I missing something? Are we not in an economic “crisis”? I read in the St. Lawrence Plaindealer this morning that Canton is still in the running for the “all American City” title. Then I go on to read that the “committee” is going to spend $30,000 to fly to Colorado to “plead Canton’s case and “tell the international judges about Canton’s history” to be the All American City. I can’t help but wonder if the committee could find a better use for $30,000 than to spend it on something besides “pleading our case” with a very outside minimal chance at best and to win what? A plaque?. The competition includes Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Colorado Springs, Colo., Birmingham, Ala. to name a few. Now I like living in Canton, never heard it called a city, but have been to our competitor cities and would consider each one of them way more All American than our little town, with businesses on main street instead of vacant buildings. Why don’t we use the 30,000 needed for “travel Expenses” for other uses to do improvements that would benefit the community way more than a plaque to hang on a wall. On second thought perhaps I should get on the committee and get a free trip to Colorado as well.