Canton traffic a mess
Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 8:26 am

Has the traffic on Main Street Canton gotten worse since the new construction or is it just me thinking so? It appears the new construction and lane markings have made matters worse instead of better. The pedestrian crossing outcroppings have narrowed the width of the street. It appears the traffic light on Riverside Drive stays green forever, backing up traffic on Main Street. At the traffic light on Main Street. by Family Dollar, one does not know which lane to be in. If you want to go straight and are in the left lane, you get held up by people turning left onto Riverside Drive. If you are in the right lane you may get cut off by cars in the left lane. Technically you are in the right turn lane for Miner Street and have to get into that left lane somehow. Then you have that center turn lane. What a mess when one wants to turn onto Hodskin Street and another wants to turn onto Miner Street. at the same time. I’m glad I don’t come to Canton any more than I have to.