Can't believe Potsdam Town Council
Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 4:01 pm

I can’t believe what an arrogant crowd our Potsdam Town Council is. Within the last month or so, they voted to buy a piece of property for the Marie Regan Town Hall building without asking the voters for their opinion – again. So what if they don’t have to borrow the money to build this new Taj Mahal on Elm Street. Doesn’t the Brookfield money they’ve received over the years belong to the people of the Town of Potsdam? Should we have a say in how it gets spent? Now the same bunch has turned down Jim Snell’s annexation request – for the third time! This respected local businessman has petitioned his elected officials to help relieve him of the regulatory burden of providing treated drinking water and all of the related testing out at the Snell office park. Instead of granting his request, this arrogant crowd continues to hold Mr. Snell hostage to get at village water and sewer services – and we think Albany is dysfunctional. I hope the people of Potsdam wake up and turn these veteran political incumbents out of office as soon as possible.


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