Buy ammo in moderation
Friday, September 20, 2013 - 8:00 am

No, it is not President Obama stealing ammo from our closets while we sleep. No it is not Governor Cuomo’s SAFE act reducing the amount of ammo on the shelves. It is hoarders who are causing the ammo shortage. It is hoarders who are the reason the price of ammo has gone up. It is the hoarders who bring their family of four to Walmart to by-pass the 3 box limit which has been put in place to allow more people to go shooting. Hoarders are the ones who are making it so police don’t have enough ammo. Hoarders are the ones who are hurting 4-H kids and Boy Scouts who want to learn to shoot in a safe environment. Shame on you for being a bunch of greedy, selfish gun owners. Buy in moderation and let others enjoy what is left of the nice weather so that fathers can take their sons shooting.